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A trusted guide to help organizations
thrive by making your software
and data work together.

We know your work is demanding.

We leverage technology and data to streamline, automate, and empower the messy back-end of operations.

So many “solutions”, so little time…

The average organization uses over 130 software solutions.
We understand the common pains of managing ALL those software platforms.

Your Team’s Challenges…

Struggling with unusable data, silo’ed information, and repetitive manual processes while spending lots of money on various systems that don’t talk to each other.

Your Clients’ Challenges…

Experiencing slow response times, clunky user facing tools, and unclear communication as they engage your organization.

Your Mission’s Challenge…

Stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day work instead of focusing on the potential impact and long term opportunities.

We help develop SYSTEMS and PROCESSES

Trusted Guide

Our experienced team brings clarity and organization to help you build an effective data ecosystem that works for you.

Systems & Data Management

Put your data to work through connected systems and tools that create actionable insights and greater engagement.

Scalable for All Organizations

Whether it’s launching your first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or a custom software solution, we can help optimize your systems to fit your current needs and scale for the future.

People Centered Automation

Data automation that empowers your organization to serve people better through informed and intentional interactions with your clients.

It is easy to get started…

We’ll build a roadmap together through planning, implementation, and training
to create a unified system that works!

Identify Pain Points
Every organization has them. What are the current challenges of your operating systems and data management?
Define Opportunities
Dream for a minute! What opportunities and projects could you tackle if your systems and data were working together?
Explore Solutions
Let’s get more specific. With your unique organization, budget, timeline, and needs, what are the best options to accomplish your goals?

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Have you thought about how your software management affects the success of your business?

Your software working for you:

  • Automated workflows and systems that tackle repetitive tasks
  • Data informed decision making to pursue new opportunities
  • Relevant and informed communication for clients to easily take action

Your software working against you:

  • Busywork and manual processes bogging down staff
  • Loss of opportunities because of poor data access or management
  • Less effective communication without measurable results

Our focus is serving serving organizations like these:

Here is what some of them had to say:

“One of the smartest things we did as an organization was to hire Impact Upgrade. They’ve helped us sort out our new website, giving forms, back-end processes and more over the past year.”

“Our small nonprofit has worked with Brett and Impact Upgrade for over a decade! They are experienced and innovative in their approach to applying technology to solve problems or to simply streamline organizational efficiency. Time-after-time they have taken our projects from concept to delivery and are a great team to work with! Highly recommend!”

“Brett and the team at Impact Upgrade are incredible! They are experts on so many avenues and are true professionals. They’ve helped us as a nonprofit with our system development, IT and website. They are quick to respond to problems and we love working with them! I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Let us be your trusted guide
to make your software and data work together to upgrade your impact.

From Startup to Growth

Discover essential systems and tools for business success. Download our guide now for expert insights and actionable strategies. Get started today!

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Here’s where we truly are different: We execute and implement every solution we propose, end-to-end, and are with you every step of the way as new challenges arise.