Restore a Deleted WordPress Menu from a Database Backup

May 15, 2020

Unlike most types of WordPress content, menus unfortunately have no “trash” concept. When they’re removed, they’re gone for good. We recently ran into an issue where a large set of menus were accidentally nuked… If you don’t have a recent database backup, your only option is to manually create them using historical reference points like […]

Apache Camel: camel-http, Apache HttpClient, and Retry Attempts

February 6, 2018

Morning!  Here’s a quick tip on camel-http and proper retry logic within error handling.  Under the hood, camel-http uses Apache’s HttpClient, which provides its own retry logic by default.  Adding Camel’s onException redeliveries on top of that ends up multiplying the attempts.

Apache Camel: Tips & Caveats (from the trenches)

January 23, 2018

While working with a new client on some Camel-based microservices, I’ve been trying my best to keep a list of caveats and potential issues that occasionally pop up. Camel’s integration patterns and components are extremely powerful and include many bells and whistles. But unfortunately, that flexibility can also get in the way… Without further ado, […]

The Right Way to Run a Technical Interview

October 11, 2016

I’ve been through my fair share of technical interviews.  Typically, they’ll ask you to complete a live exercise, provide code samples, or answer mundane questions about a particular language or framework.  Generally, those approaches are useless.  Even the most talented software engineers do not always remember how to implement hashCode(), the differences between various search/sort algorithms, or […]

Hibernate ORM, jOOQ, HikariCP, Transactions, and Spring: An SQL / CQRS Tutorial

July 2, 2016

When it comes to interacting with relational databases, citizens of the Java world tend to be in one of two camps.  Lately, the rift continues to widen. Use Hibernate ORM for all CRUD operations, all queries, and anything else that would otherwise touch SQL.  SQL is icky.  Abstract all the things. I got 99 problems and Hibernate ORM […]