“It’s how we’ve always done it.”: A Devotional

December 13, 2022

I was recently invited to lead a devotional at one of our client’s monthly all-hands meetings. Which is amazing — it’s an honor to even be asked and I’m grateful that we have partners like that. Like good systems consultants, Michael and I thought something relevant would be on point. Just thought I’d share it […]

Missions are for People

October 26, 2022

“You are what you do every day.” Jon chu Your organization is what it values every day. Just like what you as an individual choose to do every day shapes you, what your organization does every day starts to define that organization. The values set forth by the organization and the actions that manifest because […]

Intrinsic Motivation is a Horrible Prerequisite

October 11, 2022

Kids are funny. For numerous reasons, but for this muse, we focus on their ability to live in the moment. When they want to play, they play. They do just that when they want to fall asleep at the table with their face in the cereal. Now is never a wrong time to do what […]

Stop Nerfing your Team, Invite them to the Data Party

October 3, 2022

“Whoever is careless with truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs.” ― Albert Einstein We have all or know someone who has been at the blunt end of a scathing comment, quickly followed up with, “I’m just being honest.” While sometimes these observations come from the point of care, the qualifier seldom makes […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

May 19, 2022

What is Accessibility Accessibility is the design of products and services so that they’re usable by people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design and practice of accessible development ensures both ‘direct access’ (i.e. unassisted) and ‘indirect access’ – compatibility with a person’s assistive technology (i.e. screen readers). While accessibility primarily focuses on people with disabilities, it can […]