We dive in to understand your organization – your mission, goals, opportunities, challenges, and available resources. Together, we’ll develop a clear plan forward that fits your unique needs.

We’ll begin putting our plan to action through software and data, new tools, connected systems, and a unified outcome that just works.

Our experienced team is here to help you through the training and implementation process of new tools and systems. We’ll guide you every step of the way!

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You can call us your tech team or your biggest fans! Just know we see ourselves as partners in your mission, working tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring your dreams to life because the work you do is simply extraordinary.

We’re a team of people committed to generosity, goodness, and big-world thinking. And we’re excited to learn more about you and the work you’re doing.

Complicated data management made tracking and communication challenging for staff and humanitarian trip participants.

We developed a simple-to-use, custom portal for trip management, including:

  • Secure cloud data storage
  • Seamless integration to existing software tools
  • A checklist system to manage tasks for participants

No available out of the box “all-in-one” mobile platform that could manage both live events and ongoing text message support.

We built a highly interactive, at-scale, mobile-first custom software platform to meet all their needs in a single tool, including:

  • Live polling features
  • Gameshow concepts for large event participation
  • Ongoing text messaging functions

Disconnected software tools and data sources created tough internal processes and limited information for decision making.

We built a clear digital operations strategy that united data sources into a CRM with appropriate pipelines and automations, including:

  • Data modeling and process mapping into Salesforce CRM
  • Integrated software and tools into single source-of-truth
  • Data funnels for each individual teams needs and uses

Our Services

What We Do

Our services can be hard to quantify in specifics sometimes because they are both very broad and at the same time very niche. At any given time we may be wearing a variety of hats to support our clients.

We do data tools and processes.

We do software systems.

We do project management.

We do hands-on consulting and partnerships.

We do tech simplification to enable progress.

We do maximizing common software platforms.

We do building custom software to solve unique problems.


We’ve brought together a unique and specialized team ready to tackle your greatest challenges, build tools and systems that simplify complexity, and help propel you forward toward your biggest impact.

Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers

If you’ve made it this far, it’s likely that you are facing some challenges caused by data and software tools standing in the way of progress. You recognize there are some hurdles in the path forward. Whether it’s day-to-day processes or a specific big upcoming project our team thrives in constrained creativity and problem solving.

We can help build full automation processes, model and build data flow tools, integrate new platforms, and even develop custom software solutions. Whatever data or software problems you’re facing, our team will find a solution that works within your specific needs and budget.

Tech Partners

Tech Partners

Leaders have a lot of challenges to worry about. Making sure their software platforms work the way they are supposed to shouldn’t be one of them. Let us help you focus on growing your mission and not the technology headaches!

  • Strategic advisor and sounding board, focused on digital systems
  • Virtual Chief Technology Officer
  • Ongoing advice for:
    • All digital operations
    • Integration and automation
    • CRM and databases
    • Communication platforms
    • Data and operational decision making
    • Web infrastructure
  • Ongoing training, focused on systems and best practices
  • Internal process consulting
  • Overall IT auditor
  • Tech and systems risk management
  • Adaptation of best practices and strategic/emerging technology
  • Data analysis and decision making
Integration Specialists

Integration Specialists

Gone are the days of one tool to do it all. Instead, organizations have shifted to using multiple tools that do one thing well and one thing only. It’s the right move. You’ve probably experienced a platform that tried to do everything and actually did nothing well.

The key in shifting to focused individual platforms is cohesively wiring it all together! If you don’t, it will quickly become a tangled mess of tools and data.

Our expertise is connecting the dots, creating a unified digital plan. We love building tools that free up individuals, improve the bottom line, and increase reach.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers

Impact Upgrade offers a wide variety of software engineering services. If it involves bits and bytes, we are your team! That being said, we do have several areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise-level software engineering
  • Systems integration
  • Messaging/texting tools
  • Payments/donations and finance
  • Data pipelines and translation
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Open source software
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Database design
  • Performance, scaling, and optimization

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