Whether you are a NONPROFIT or
a people-serving BUSINESS we will:


We dive deep and discover opportunities and gaps. Every organization is different and a one-size-fits-all mentality won’t work.


We look for ways to simplify your processes, untangle digital messes, and bring fresh perspectives. We rank opportunities and costs to give you options.


With technology constantly changing, don’t feel like you have to figure it all out on your own. Our team will guide you every step of the way.

Industry experience meets missional alignment

Call us your tech team or your biggest fans! Just know we see ourselves as partners in your mission, working tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring your dreams to life because the work you do is simply extraordinary. We’re excited to learn more about you and the work you’re doing!

Impact Upgrade is a group of problem solvers, strategists and software engineers with big passions for serving nonprofits and missions. Partnering with organizations since 2003, we’ve learned a thing or two about the technology journeys of organizations. They often set out to do great things and then get sidelined by smaller budgets and difficult platforms. So, we created Impact Upgrade. We’re in the business of automating and simplifying technology. And we’re here because we believe in you and your mission.

What makes us Different?


Deep backgrounds in a wide variety of contexts: healthcare, communication, nonprofits, pharmaceuticals, insurance, Department of Defense, education, entertainment, and marketing.


Resumes with engineering and management roles at Disney, NBC Universal, Twilio, Eli Lilly, Red Hat, Raytheon, DePuy, Zimmer Biomet, Office Depot, and many more.


A startup and entrepreneurial mindset powered by our constraint driven creativity with an eye for the bigger picture.


Multi-faceted engineering, but a heavy emphasis on “boring”, stable, tried-and-true technologies. No shiny objects that quickly collect dust.


Heavy focus on security, privacy, digital accessibility, US & international regulations (GDPR & CCPA, COPPA, PCI, HIPAA, etc.), and communication rules.


Active involvement in open source communities, including committer roles in widely-used frameworks like Hibernate.

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Tech Partners

Tech Partners

Your partner, compass, and implementer.

Leaders have a lot to worry about, besides making sure their software platforms work the way they are supposed to. Let us help you focus on growing your business and not the technology headaches!

  • Strategic advisor and sounding board, focused on digital systems
  • Ongoing advice for:
    • All digital operations
    • Integration and automation
    • CRM and databases
    • Data and operational decision making
  • Oversight of integrations and automations
  • Oversight of your CRMs/databases
  • Oversight of web infrastructure
  • Ongoing training, focused on systems and best practices
  • Overall management of digital systems
  • Internal process consulting
  • Tech and systems risk management
  • Adaptation of best practices and strategic technology
  • Data analysis and decision making
  • Virtual Chief Technology Officer
Integration & Unification

Integration & Unification

Integrate and automate your operations.

Gone are the days of one tool to do it all. Instead, we’ve watched organizations shift to using multiple tools that do one thing well and one thing only. This is the right direction because typically a platform that tries to do everything does nothing well.

The key is to wire it all together! Otherwise, a tangled mess of tools and data is surprisingly easy to land in.

Our expertise is connecting the dots, creating a unified digital plan. We love building tools that free up individuals, improve the bottom line, and increase reach.

Tech Audits & Assessments

Tech Audits & Assessments

A deep dive into your digital tools, data, processes, risks and costs.

The goal of our assessment is to evaluate every aspect of your digital operations and give you a holistic picture of all the moving parts. We provide you with a full report and an action plan to move forward.  Although we’d certainly love to help you implement any piece of the plan, our aim is to provide the details you need to upgrade your impact regardless of the who you choose to do the work.

The assessment covers:

  • Deep-dive into your organization’s operations, current technology, and pain points
  • All-encompassing data study and data flows between all platforms
  • Identifying efficiency and automation ideas
  • Dig into current and ongoing technology costs
  • Review of security and privacy best practices for compliance with regulations
Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software, database, and web portal development.

Impact Upgrade offers a wide variety of software engineering services. If it involves bits and bytes, we are your team! That being said, we do have several areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise-level software engineering
  • Systems integration
  • Messaging/texting tools
  • Payments/donations and finance
  • Data pipelines and translation
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Open source software
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Database design
  • Performance, scaling, and optimization
Training & Seminars

Training & Seminars

Have something specific you need help understanding? We love providing tailored training and speaking in one-on-one, group, or conference settings. We also provide seminars in-person and virtual.