Your organizational impact is the star of the show. We see ourselves as the behind-the-scenes partners in your mission, bringing our experience and best practices to help bring your dreams to life. We’re excited to learn more about you and the meaningful work you’re doing!

Impact Upgrade is a group of problem solvers, strategists and software engineers with big passions for people-serving businesses and nonprofits. In the last couple of decades, we’ve learned a thing or two about the technology journey most organizations traverse. They often set out to do great things and then get sidelined by smaller budgets, difficult software tools, and missing technology skill-sets on the core team. 

That’s exactly why we created Impact Upgrade. We’re in the business of building, automating, and simplifying technology so you can thrive. We’re here because we believe in you and your mission.

What makes us different?


Deep backgrounds in a wide variety of contexts: healthcare, communication, nonprofits, pharmaceuticals, insurance, Department of Defense, education, entertainment, and marketing.


A singular focus on helping people do their best work and increasing impact. Adaptable, intentionally small, and fun to work with. Technology as a means to an end, and not a goal in and of itself.


A startup and entrepreneurial mindset powered by our constraint driven creativity and an eye for the bigger picture.


Multi-faceted engineering, but with a heavy emphasis on “boring”, stable, tried-and-true technologies. No shiny objects that quickly collect dust.


A careful focus on security, privacy, ethics, digital accessibility, US & international regulations (GDPR & CCPA, COPPA, PCI, HIPAA, etc.), and communication regulations.


Dot-connectors with a broad network of partners, specialized experts, and like-minded organizations. It takes a village and we love collaborating.

Be the Ripple. Create the Wave.
We lean into excellence in the “ordinary,” knowing it will lead to big impact. We understand that through our client’s success, we are a part of something much larger than any one of us.

Relationships Matter.
We choose to deeply care about our team, our clients, and our clients’ missions.

Consult First, Engineer Second.
We focus first on solving for our client’s immediate pain points while walking in their shoes, but also with a forward thinking solution that is scalable for future opportunities.

Provide the Easy Button.
We obsess over simplicity. Every solution should strive to create systems, tools, and processes that always “Just Work”.

Never Solve the Same Problem Three Times.
We strive to be productive, not busy. We pay attention to repeat needs and common hurdles, and work to build tools and systems to efficiently handle them so we’re better equipped for the next challenge.

Draw the Owl.
We’re solution focused. How do you draw an owl? You draw a few circles, then you draw the rest of the owl. We default to action and progress forward.

Be Radically Candid.
We encourage collaborative feedback and passionate debate to get to the best possible outcomes for each project. Our team leans into this and we work hard to provide a safe place to be candid.

Have Playful Enthusiasm.
We all lean toward practical optimism. Our collective sense of humor, sarcasm, and cheerfulness keep us resilient and proactive.