Meet Donation Spring

Our purpose is to bring simplicity to data and software tools for your organization. Although simple is hard, we’re obsessed with simple products that just work. Donation Spring is no exception.

Many organizations spend tens of thousands of dollars to build custom, professional donation forms. Our fundraising tool was born out of our consulting services, using the same approaches, technology, industry best-practices, and security that we provide our consulting partners.

You can embed Donation Spring directly into your existing website! Sending visitors to external platforms can reduce organizational trust and cause more abandoned donation processes. Donation Spring keeps donors on your website longer, resulting in a more confident user experience and increased funding. Donation Spring can also be embedded using a button and popup.

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A Simple Fundraising Tool for Nonprofit Donation Management

Security & Anti-Fraud

Security and anti-fraud protection come first. Our top priority is safeguarding your organization, supporters and data.

FREE for Nonprofits

There are no costs or hidden fees for the platform! Donors are instead given the option to cover costs, keeping Donation Spring free forever.

Easy to Use

Donors will experience a simple,
mobile-first process.

Professional Forms

Organizations normally spend tens of thousands of dollars to build custom, professional donation forms with built in security and best practices.


Donation Spring is highly configurable with many options and can be customized and installed on a page, with no need for technical staff.

Simplify Your Donations

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Real Cost Details

Donation Spring:


With Donation Spring, there are no hidden fees, so you never have to worry about paying extra to set up or maintain your fundraising project.


Approx. 2.2% + $0.30

When you tell (our payment processor) that you’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you’ll pay just 2.2% + $0.30 (a little higher for AMEX) for each donation you receive.

Total Cost:

Low or FREE

Donors are given the option to cover your processing costs, and most say “Yes!” But when they choose not to, you’ll pay one of the lowest fees in the industry.

How can this be free?

Donors are given the option to add an extra 5% to their gift. And most choose to do so! 3% goes directly to you to cover the Stripe processing fee, while 2% is retained by Donation Spring to help us keep it free forever.

Don’t spend time and resources re-inventing the wheel. Fundraising platforms often try to do everything — and do it poorly. Donation Spring focuses on knocking online donations out of the park, and nothing else.

And remember, there’s no direct cost for organizations!

Instead, donors cover fees with an optional add-5% checkbox: 3% goes directly to the organization to cover Stripe’s processing fee, and 2% is retained by Donation Spring.