One of our core values is to not tackle the same problems over and over again. This means that when we begin to solve the same challenge in multiple ways, we know it’s time to build a tool so we’re ready for the next time it comes up.

Through our years of industry experience supporting nonprofits and people-serving businesses, we’ve identified some common challenges that arise. Through multiple consulting projects, we have built comprehensive solutions to tackle these common challenges and are now making them available for you as well!

We focus on creating solutions that address the complexities and nuances of data management while keeping a commitment to user simplicity and tools that just work. 

You can be sure that all of our products just work. We’ve tackled the complexity so you can focus on the impact.

Simple Integration tools that work.

Connect common software platforms for seamless data integration.

The easiest-to-use fundraising form for nonprofits.

Enable donations directly on your website with this powerful FREE tool.