There’s a better option! Simple Stripe + Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits was meticulously built over years alongside multiple nonprofits to efficiently manage best practices while preserving user-friendly simplicity.

Unlock the beauty of seamless data integration from Stripe to Salesforce that “just works”. Zapier and plugins may connect these systems, but their functionality falls short when it comes to accurate and in-depth donation management.

Our connector isn’t just about moving data — it’s about integrating it seamlessly into your existing Salesforce framework. No technical expertise required. With a deep understanding of the complexities of Salesforce (especially utilizing the Nonprofit Success Pack – NPSP), we’ve perfected a tool that syncs donation activities effortlessly into your CRM, empowering you to:

In addition to these powerful integration functions, our system is actively monitored with a proactive support team to ensure it’s working as designed.

We manage the complexities of donor data and CRM systems behind the scenes so your user experience is simple and streamlined.

When we say it’s a simple integration tool, we mean simple.

Simply enter your Stripe account credentials into the integration tool.

Simply enter your Salesforce account credentials into the integration tool.

Toggle on/off the appropriate settings by answering common language questions about your donation process and preferences and matching a few data fields to ensure the correct information path.

To begin using the Simple Stripe + Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits plugin, please provide the following registration information. Our team will follow up with the next steps for payment, installation, and onboarding.