Concordia Lutheran High School (CLHS) has been around since the 1930’s and is owned and managed by 17 local Lutheran congregations. With a population of over 500 high school students this school is a longstanding educational institution in the community of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

CLHS recognized that its internal processes for data collection and management were outdated and needed to be modernized. They sought a partner that could help them better understand their own organizational needs as well as a deeper understanding of the landscape of available software solutions.

Working closely with CLHS, we developed a comprehensive solution to address their challenges by implementing three phases of development to meet their desired objectives:

These initial conversations focus on deep discovery to understand current data sources and internal operational processes, including:

Current Data and Operational Processes Conversations:

  • Interviewed various CLHS team members to capture current data – sources, paths, gaps, etc… as well as current internal processes for data management.

Refine Scope of Work:

  • Clarified the scope of project goals and deliverables to reflect a better understanding of work from the initial discovery phase.

With a clear understanding of both current processes and ideal project outcomes, our team did significant research on the best available software solutions, including:

Platform Research:

  • Conducted research to evaluate SIS platforms like FACTS and PowerSchool for integration with CRM tools and CLHS’s greater tech strategy.

API Assessments:

  • Completed a deep investigation into the APIs of SIS platforms to ensure seamless integration with CLHS’s existing systems.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

  • Provided a wide-range evaluation of additional systems like Learning Management, Single Sign-On, Tuition Payment, and Financial Aid for compatibility and functionality.

Collaboratively with CLHS we were able to identify the best solution for their CRM and SIS and work through the process of implementation and automations, including:

CRM Evaluation & Selection:

  • Completed evaluation and selection of an appropriate CRM platform considering CLHS requirements and budget, with a focus on HubSpot and Salesforce options.

CRM Customization:

  • Implemented and customized selected CRM to align with CLHS’s data model and migration from existing systems.

Data Funnels Integration:

  • Developed and integrated cohesive data funnels for web forms, text messages, donations, and event signups to streamline data flow into the CRM as a single source of organizational truth.

Communication Enhancements:

  • Provided additional integration of the CRM with email marketing and SMS platforms for detailed segmentation and real-time engagement with families.

Build Operational Efficiencies:

  • Developed processes within the CRM to improve collaboration internally and externally, leveraging pipelines, tasks, and notifications for streamlined operations.

Through this project, Impact Upgrade successfully modernized CLHS’s operational processes, enhanced communication strategies, and empowered their team with efficient and integrated systems to support enrollment and development efforts.

Impact Upgrade’s partnership with CLHS is a great example of our focus on effective data management and data mapping to ensure that data moves from point A to B with consistency, accuracy, and simplicity. Our team understood the assignment – they deeply researched available options, identified a comprehensive solution that integrated within their current and future tech strategy, and worked alongside CLHS’s staff to implement new tools and systems.

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