Case Study – Remedy Live

February 28, 2024

RemedyLIVE needed a single software solution in a mobile friendly format that could manage both live event audience interactions and also follow up text messaging post event. They needed a lightweight and easily configurable software system that could drive live event participation on both a presentation screen and audience members mobile devices. The same system also needed to be capable of capturing audience data including mobile numbers for follow up communication opportunities […]

Case Study – Ambassador Enterprises

February 28, 2024

Ambassador Enterprises recognized that their disconnected software tools and various data sources were creating broken internal processes that limited data availability to inform healthy decision-making. They needed a clear strategy for managing their internal data that was clear to the entire team, simplified current processes, and automated when possible […]

Case Study – Entheos

February 28, 2024

Entheos was looking for a way to develop an intranet of data and resources for multiple audiences. They also needed to tackle cumbersome manual collection processes and the need for secure digital storage. They needed a solution to update and share data among Entheos members. While also needing to streamline data collection, automate reporting, track applicant progress, and simplify trip-tracking processes […]

Case Study – Concordia Lutheran High School

January 20, 2024

CLHS recognized that its internal processes for data collection and management were outdated and needed to be modernized. They sought a partner that could help them better understand their own organizational needs as well as a deeper understanding of the landscape of available software solutions. […]