Entheos Audiology Cooperative is a collective of hearing professionals committed to reconnecting with the larger purpose of their private practices. They also offer humanitarian trips to give the gift of hearing through medical serving.

Entheos was looking for a way to develop an intranet of data and resources for multiple audiences. They also needed to tackle cumbersome manual collection processes and the need for secure digital storage. They needed a solution to update and share data among Entheos members. While also needing to streamline data collection, automate reporting, track applicant progress, and simplify trip-tracking processes.

Working closely with Entheos, we developed a comprehensive solution to address their challenges by implementing two phases of development to meet their desired objectives

As a collective of individual companies, Entheos wanted to develop a solution to allow owners, staff members and clients to have online access to data, communication, and resources. We brought together NextCloud and Salesforce to create access points to data and resources with proper security and access management tools in place, including:

NextCloud Integration:

  • Each owner and employee granted individual NextCloud logins, positioning it as the central intranet.
  • NextCloud serves as the repository for member, owner, employee, trip, and procedural data, facilitating easy access and collaboration.

Salesforce Implementation:

  • Primary storage for secure data, ensuring confidentiality and accessibility.
  • Profiles centralized in Salesforce, housing all personal travel information for internal staff use during travel packet processing.

Data Collection Enhancement:

  • Gravity Forms integrated into their website for external data collection.
  • NextCloud tiles embedded with Gravity Forms for internal member data collection.

Individual Profile Creation:

  • Each staff member, owner, and member granted unique login information with individual profiles.
  • Profile data primarily stored in CRM for centralized access and management.

Entheos faced challenges with cumbersome manual data collection for humanitarian trip information. They sought a solution to streamline data collection, automate reporting, track applicant progress, and manage complex data access challenges. Building on the data solutions and tools of phase one, we created a custom web portal for trip management, including:

Secure Data Handling:

  • Personal travel information securely stored in profiles, including passport details, social security numbers, business EINs, and insurance data.

Automated Payment Processing:

  • Trip payments accepted via Stripe, enhancing user convenience and streamlining financial transactions.

Passport Expiration Monitoring:

  • Automatic flagging passports set to expire within six months of travel, ensuring compliance with travel regulations and proactive passport renewal management.

Applicant Checklist Development:

  • Clear set of tasks and responsibilities, streamlining the trip processing workflow.

By implementing these solutions together, Entheos experienced significant improvements in its internal communications and resource sharing, data management, and trip-tracking processes by consolidating from 6 data software tools to a single CRM. They’ve simplified data flows, increased efficiency, complied with data security, and improved their user experience.

The successful completion of this project demonstrates our commitment to delivering efficiently simple tailored solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of our clients. By collaborating closely with Entheos and leveraging our expertise in data management processes, CRM integrations, and custom development, we were able to achieve the project goals effectively and empower Entheos to significantly enhance their humanitarian trip management.

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