RemedyLIVE uses the power of technology to create meaningful conversations about mental health in businesses, organizations, and schools around the Nation. RemedyLIVE strives to also provide a safe space and compassionate listeners 24 hours a day for individuals in need of a safe conversation. They host live presentations on mental health for students in school settings and adults in workplace environments.

RemedyLIVE needed a single software solution in a mobile friendly format that could manage both live event audience interactions and also follow up text messaging post event. They needed a lightweight and easily configurable software system that could drive live event participation on both a presentation screen and audience members mobile devices. The same system also needed to be capable of capturing audience data including mobile numbers for follow up communication opportunities.

Working closely with Remedy Live, we developed a comprehensive solution to address their challenges by implementing five phases of development to meet their desired objectives:

The build of RemedyLIVE’s custom software started with building the administrative framework to manage data, build dashboards, and configure event information, including:

Web Dashboard Development:

  • Created a web dashboard configured for laptop screen sizes, providing administrators with a user-friendly interface for managing event-related data.

Event and Content Management:

  • Implemented functionalities to manage templates, questions, content, and events, enabling efficient handling of polling activities both online and offline.

Data Visualization During Live Events:

  • Integrated visualizations within the dashboard to display real-time data and results during live events, enhancing engagement and interaction with participants.

Form Creation and Management:

  • Developed forms to create, update, and delete questions, templates, and events, streamlining the content management process for administrators.

Once the foundational tools were in place, we shifted gears to building the Student facing tools for live events presented at schools, including:

Participant Registration Process:

  • Established a participant registration flow through a mobile web app, ensuring seamless registration and data collection for Get Schooled events.

Ongoing Content Updates:

  • Implemented mechanisms for content refresh and push notifications to participants, ensuring they receive updated content in real-time during the event.

Admin Onboarding and Event Setup:

  • Developed an admin dashboard tailored for offline use, facilitating event setup, content management, and result monitoring in areas with limited connectivity.

In addition to building the user interface for school presentations, we also built appropriate user interfaces for their adult workplace presentations, including:

SMS Participation Integration:

  • Integrated text message participation functionalities, enabling participants to engage in polling activities via text messages, expanding the reach of WIRED events.

Mobile Web App Configuration for Online Environments:

  • Adapted the mobile web app for online environments, allowing seamless participation in WIRED events from any device with internet access.

With the core functions developed, we shifted to adding some additional functionality and features, including the development of interactive trivia and game show-like modules within their system, including:

Pseudonym Generation and Display:

  • Developed a system to generate unique pseudonyms for participants and display them during trivia and game show events, ensuring anonymity and engagement.

Team-Based Competition Setup:

  • Implemented team-enabled functionalities, allowing participants to form teams and compete in trivia and game show events, fostering teamwork and collaboration.

Real-time Scoring and Leaderboard:

  • Integrated real-time scoring mechanisms and leaderboards to track individual and team performance, enhancing the competitive aspect of trivia and game show events.

The final phase of this project turned to building a data collection tool within the web app that gathered and tracked all necessary event registration data and documentation, including:

Event Information Submission:

  • Developed an event onboarding web app for hosts to submit necessary event information, signed documents, and select poll questions, streamlining the event setup process.

User Access Control and Security:

  • Implemented user access control measures, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage event-related data through the onboarding web app.

Calendar Integration and SMS Notifications:

  • Integrated calendar functionality for scheduling events and SMS notifications for event confirmations and reminders, enhancing communication and coordination with participants and stakeholders.

Having a stable live event management system enabled RemedyLIVE to grow quickly with 700+ events, an estimated 110,000+ participants, and 2,900,000+ individual question responses through their custom platform since its development in 2020. They’re now able to manage live event interactions and event follow-up with consistency and simplicity.

The RemedyLIVE custom event management platform is a great example of the unique projects that Impact Upgrade loves to tackle. Through an ongoing partnership with RemedyLIVE we have built, supported, and improved their event platform to be a key tool in their program development, planning, and execution. Custom software development is often the right solution to the complex challenges organizations face and RemedyLIVE is an example of success!

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