Image showing a robotic hand and human hand coming together to make a heart shape.

As our world is increasingly driven by technology, the importance of human interaction can sometimes seem overshadowed by screens, algorithms, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Automation and technology can easily swing the pendulum too far into business practices that hinder genuine interaction and human engagement. 

At Impact Upgrade, we believe there’s a Goldilocks principle to using technology that each organization must identify in their own practices. Too much tech and automation can leave your client interactions feeling cold and uncaring. Too little tech and automation can leave them lost and looking for information. 

But, alas, there is a sweet spot that’s just right

We call this approach The Human side of Technology. It’s the anchoring perspective that technology can be a force for good – a source of empathy, compassion, and transformation!

In helping organizations thrive through technology, systems, and automation, we bring a consistent approach that asks the simple question, “how do these tools empower, not replace, more meaningful human interactions?” This filter keeps our focus clear as we build and connect software, automate processes, and manage data. The end goal isn’t a “set it and forget it” approach, but instead a streamlined tech stack with trustworthy data that fuels better engagement for greater outcomes as your organization pursues its unique mission.

Here’s what The Human Side of Technology looks like for a few of the clients we serve.

Destiny Rescue:
Restoring Hope in Hopeless Situations


In the harrowing world of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, Destiny Rescue stands as an unwavering beacon of hope. Their mission is clear and profound… “to restore lives by rescuing and rehabilitating children ensnared in the darkest and most unforgiving corners of society.”

To keep up with the demand of increasing rescue operations all over the globe, Destiny Rescue needed technology that would provide easy access for front line rescuers with all levels of tech experience. Knowing that this would be deployed often in areas lacking internet connectivity added an additional level of project complexity. Leveraging ODK (an open source, data collection platform), Destiny Rescue and Impact Upgrade have built a powerful system that has empowered their team to quickly, easily, and at-scale collect data and rescue more children.

Their compassionate approach demonstrates that technology can be a powerful force for good when it aligns with the values of empathy and restoration. In the realm of human trafficking, where darkness often prevails, Destiny Rescue is a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to restore lives, offering a glimmer of hope in the most challenging of circumstances.

Empowering Local Connections for Good


NeighborLink understands that the true restoration of life often begins right at home. Their mission is simple… “to empower neighbors to help neighbors.” Even as digital interactions sometimes overshadow face-to-face connections, NeighborLink’s approach is a refreshing reminder of the importance of community bonds.

NeighborLink employs technology as a bridge between those in need and those wanting to volunteer. Through their user-friendly platform, they connect individuals facing various challenges with neighbors who have the skills and resources to help. Whether it’s repairing a leaky roof, mowing an overgrown lawn, or providing assistance to seniors, NeighborLink’s tech-driven solution makes it easy for neighbors to support one another.

What’s remarkable about NeighborLink is not just the efficiency of their platform but the restoration of faith in humanity that it represents. While news headlines often highlight division and discord, NeighborLink’s tech-driven community revival inspires hope. It shows us that technology can indeed be a force for unity, reminding us of the goodness that resides in our communities.

A Lifeline for Mental Health


Mental health struggles often unfold in silence and isolation. In a world where stigmas and misunderstandings still abound, RemedyLive emerges as a beacon of light. Their mission is clear… “to restore hope and healing by facilitating open and empathetic conversations about mental health.”

At the core of RemedyLive’s mission is their 24-hour chat service, available to anyone in need of a compassionate ear. In addition to this, their team of dedicated Soul Medics offers guidance and support to individuals facing mental health challenges, including thoughts of despair and suicide.

RemedyLive approaches mental health in a profoundly different way. They understand that the restoration of life often begins with a simple yet powerful act: the act of listening. RemedyLive provides a sanctuary of understanding to those struggling with mental health whose concerns are often silenced or dismissed.

It’s easy to forget that behind every line of code, every app, and every device lies the potential for technology to be a force for good – a source of empathy, compassion, and transformation. This is precisely the philosophy we embrace at Impact Upgrade as we help our clients thrive through empowering The Human Side of Technology

We don’t simply want to make your tech and data management work better, although this is always a core part of our work with clients. No, we strive to utilize your tech and data management to better empower your organization towards its unique mission. Our work is grounded in the transformative power of technology rooted in a deep sense of humanity and a commitment to the restoration of lives.

How can we help you empower The Human Side of Technology in your organization?